Hearts in Bloom Academy (HBA) is a Christian Child Care Centre, built, operated and governed by the principles of Christianity as espoused by the Holy word of God. At HBA, we welcome, engage, interact & love your child the way the Lord commands us to. We are committed to service, serving the children and families in our communities by ensuring we provide quality service.

HBA is licensed to operate under the Ministry of Child and Youth Care Services (MCYCS). We accept children ages six (6) months to six (6) years old. Our staffs are highly trained and qualified teachers who are dedicated and passionate to teach the word of God to your children. Each staff is committed to empower each child and family, while reaching the needs of the children and families individually and as a whole. We believe in building a partnership with each family. Our teachings are based on the principles of Christianity. Children are taught based on these fundamental principles. We believe in the development of the whole child; cognitive, social-emotional, gross and fine motor skills, speech and language, and spiritual. We will nurture, love and care for your children and help them to accomplish their dreams and reach their full potential.

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