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Our Mission Statement

HBA believes in delivering quality inclusive care for children and families and partnering with parents to build a partnership.  We believe in the development of the whole child and supporting the needs of families.  We recognize and understand developmental milestones and the importance of providing and maintaining a quality child care.  All developmental areas of children are enhanced through Emergent Play Base Curriculum while ensuring to focus on the Christian foundation.  Our programs focus on the following developmental areas:  cognitive, social-emotional, speech and language, physical (fine and gross motor), spiritual and academic development. Learning is a continuum and our programs are planned and implemented based on observation, documentation, evaluation and assessment of the children’s interest and on the Christian foundation.  Each child’s needs are unique and children develop by ages and stages our Educators plan developmentally appropriate programs to meet the needs of the children individually and as a group overall.  Each educator brings to HBA, an in depth knowledge of child development and teaching that will enhance all areas of the children’s development and learning.  Our educators specialize in different areas of education, most are Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) who are trained in child development and registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators.  We are dedicated to meeting the needs of each child and family while building on their strengths and needs.

HBA caters to the family of each child with a view of raising well-rounded families in the “Village Concept,” where we all play an integral role in each child’s life.

HBA is an integral part of the local community; adding value to the culture, growth, safety, and academic excellence.